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domingo, 8 de junho de 2014

Where to eat in Cuiabá - Mato Grosso


So I arrived in Cuiabá... What to do? Where to go? What to eat? 

Let’s take this step by step and today’s step is summarize the city through your stomach, lol.

The city has many delicious food to offer and I recommend some of them:
To start a really delicious day, you have to eat a local dish called “bolo de arroz” rice cake, it is a sweet cake made with rice (as the name says), truly regional, which I loooove, but go easy on it, people from Brazil itself may find it different.

'Bolo de Arroz'

There is also the “bolo de queijo” (cheese cake), not at all related with cheesecake from countries like United States. It is salty and exists all over Brazil. Cuiaba has its own variation called “Pão de queijo” (cheese bread) which is made with a more curated cheese, and its flavor is a lot stronger.

It’s totally worth it to try both of them!


If you want a typical and local dish, you should order our fresh water fish. The most know is the “Filé de Pintado” – boneless pieces of fried fish fillet.

 "Filé de Pintado" (From: Duca's 7)

Usually it is fried, there is also the possibility of eating it made in cubes as a stew with potatoes and red pepper (that I don´t like too much) called “Mojica de Pintado”.

 'Mojica de Pintado'

Another traditional and tasty fish is Pacu (carefull with the bones), it is usually served roasted.

'Pacu assado'

The first one served fried is the tastiest.

There are a lot of places and here are some of them, in order of preference:

Where to eat fish:

For those who are in love with meat, please, do not forget to tray one of the most delicious “Churrascarias” with many many varieties of meat cuts.


This is how it works: The price is “all you can eat buffet” (just like a buffet in Las Vegas) including all these meat cuts, served randomly at your table, cutted in front of you, the piece that most pleases you. There are also, in the buffet table, salads, pasta and desert (this last one is included in most of the Churrascarias.
Here are some of them:

·        I don’t recommend going to a Churrascaria at dinner. Although the price is cheaper, it’s simply impossible to resist to all these kinds of meat cuts, and fine food but the result in the other day may be a unnecessary indisposition.

To those who enjoy checking out the diversity, one great place to go besides the mall is the “Praça Popular” or Popular Square, with many restaurants, including international food, such as:

·         Due Ladroni (italian food)
·         Japô – japonese food
·         Pizza na Pedra – Pizza place
o   try the strogonoff pizza with fillet – it’s delicious
·         El Pancho – mexican food
o   Really fun place to go, with live music
·         Haru – oriental food
·         Sorveteria Alaska – ice cream place
o   There are some of these in town

There are some other great restaurantes I recommend throughout the city:
·         Ray´s American Blend Hamburgueria
·         Mahalo
·         Casa do Parque Bistrô
o   Exquisite Food
·         Brie Restô – french food
·         Tele Pizza – Pizza place
·         Cedros – arabian food
·         Choppão – diversified
o   Good food, but more a happy hour place
·         Di Pietro – italian food
·         Sorveteria Delícias do Cerrado – popsicle with regional flavors such as many fruits
·         Ta té doce doceria gourmet  - regional pastries such as ‘pão-de-mel’, very delicious!

 'Tá té doce'

  •      Baba de moça pastries – excelent gourmet pastries
  •       Perpitola's Juice - you can find a variety of delicious fresh juices made with all kinds of fruits and natural sandwiches!

If you go to Chapada dos Guimarães (what I truly, truly recommend), a little town 60km far from Cuiaba with beautiful canyons, I recommend as places to eat:
·         Restaurante Morro dos Ventos
·         Pousada Penhasco
·         Casa do Fundue
·         Restaurante Atmã at Atmã Resort
·         Restaurante Bistrô da Mata

 'Chapada dos Guimarães'

 'Chapada dos Guimarães'

I thank the translation to english by someone that I really love, Leo Castro, who lived in United States and if you need an interpreter I recommend who may be contacted through his email

Summarizing (resumindo), I hope you may enjoy all the delicious our capital offer.

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