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domingo, 15 de março de 2015




I have visited Amsterdam during summer and winter and I Always leave wanting to return. Beautiful city that always motivate us to outwards activities, whether strolling or making a bike tour.

When you arrive at Amsterdam, there is a terminal which takes you all the way to the city downtown in 15 minutes (aproximatly).


  • Dam Square – located in the historic centre of Amsterdam. In this place you will find the National Monument which has been opened in May 4th 1956. Built in memory of those who died during the WW2. This day happens a tribute to the Queen. At this same square is located the Royal Palace and, behind the Palace is located the Center Magna Plaza Mall.

After visiting the square, I advise you to follow towards the famous department store Bjenkorf, which counts with beautiful jewelry (considering that the city is famous by its diamonds).

For those who are not actually considering shopping, it still worth a visit to enjoy its meals. The orange juice that is sold there is the most tastefull I have ever tried! There is also many options of food.
Delicious Coffee with Tulip Foam

  •         Van Gogh Museum – Van Gogh was dutch and for whom is an art aficionado, you already know Amsterdam is an excellent destination and hosts in this museum a great collection of paintings and drawings. 

Concert Hall - next to Van Gogh Museum
  • Considered the National Museum of the Netherlands located in Musemplein, next to the Van Gogh Museum. There is a great variety of art pieces including the Night Watch by Rembrandt and art pieces from Vermeer and Jan Steen.

In front of the Rijksmuseum 

  •  Anne Frank’s house – (Huis in dutch) – the book counts the story of a jewish thirteen years old girl who lived in Amsterdam while ti has been invaded during the war, they have been hidden in the Anex. It´s impressive the visit into this place, which today is a museum. There are videos of refugees in Concentration Camps. Very interesting place.

     Anne Frank's house
  •     Tour throughout the Canals – Amsterdam has 165 canals intersecting the entire city. They were built during medieval times to stimulate trade and city transportation. In many spots of the city is possible to hike into a cruise through the canals which last usually one our. I took one in front of the Central Station. Canal Cruize route: Holland Casino, Leidse Square, Wester Church, Anne Frank's home, Central Station, Maritime Museum, Rembrandt House, Dam Square, Voldelpark, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum.

   Central Station

  •      Voldekpark – A beautiful park with pretty water fountains and cute ducks, and with a bonus of being close to the Hard Rock Café for whom plans to have a snack.

  • Kelkenhof – To whom will visit Amsterdam during the summer, don’t forget to visit this park, because, as you might know, Netherland and Tulips are synonymous, lol. The ideal plan is to visit it from March to May. Nevertheless, in June there is an Expo showing different types of Tulips. So captivating!


I particularly value location. I have stayed in a hotel  very charming called The Times Hotel – I went from the Central Station to the hotel by foot, very close.

The hotels in Amsterdam are usually old houses converted into smal and cosy hotels.

   Breakfast included

  Room view

   In front of the hotel

By the end of our trip the canal was frozen! 

Curiosity: Amsterdam is also know by the Red Light District which I didn’t visit em any of the times I have been there. It’s recommended not to take pictures. Many people say it´s forbidden. For those who might be concerned about the country’s liberality, be cool. People mind their own business. During the winter all weed users keen themselves inside the Coffeshops.

Amsterdam Airport is equiped with top checking and luggage drop. You do it all by yourself.

Summarizing, it is a modern city and very preety no matter which Period of the year you go!   "Goede reis" (Have a nice trip)!

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