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quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2015

Cancun - Mexico


This is an excellent destination, which it totally worth a visit! Do you know that place that you have no doubt the experience will be pleasant? This is it! I have decided to write this post because of a friend who is about to go.


Before embarking in this adventure, it is major to know when is the best time to go. Searching, I found out that from December to February is high season and from March to April is spring break season, which will bring many younger people to town. Begining of June til October might occur a hurricane. However, the city is hot and filled all year long.

I have been there in November, the weather was top pleasant, the beaches fantastic and it's hard to write this post without bringing to memory how amazing this trip was. Missing it!

Considering the fact that I am very picky with choosing of Hotel, I definitely recommend Krystal Cancun Hotel (do not get confused with Krystal Grand Cancun - that's another one). 

Presidential Suit

This Hotel have a full buffet breakfast with a delicious green juice with cactus! I didn't choose the All Inclusive system. Let me tell you why, I've heard many complaints regarding the replenishment of food into the buffet during high season. Another complaint over all hotels that have All Inclusive was the fact that food was blend, with no flavor at all. Considering Cancun is not deserted (like Punta Cana is), you don't necessarily need a All Inclusive System. I've deciede then to choose a Breakfast only and I don't regret. Close to this hotel there are many restaurants with many choices of meal. I mean, a lot!

Breakfast Buffet

The localtion of this Hotel is amazing, quite sea, friedly staff, infinity pool and it's close to everything (Coco Bongo, Señor Frog's, Hard Rock, La Vaquita, Grocery Store, Drugstore and many restaurants). 

Summarizing, close to the parties. Nevertheless, the hotel is extremely quiet, loved id! Obviously that, having the chance to know more than one type of room, as I had, I noticed that the experience was even more confortable because I have paid for the Krystal Cluc Selection, which allows me to be booked only in rooms of the last floor (8th) facing the ocean with balcony and every guest of this type of rooms is entitled to daily snacks from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

Howsoever, the other rooms are also good, but for a full experience, choose Krystal Club type of rooms.

You may find good tips about hotel search in cancun at: Ricardo Freire's blog:

There is a great variety, the good thing is decing by cuisines and preferences. Hereafter are this picures of the places I chose, which I found each one of them exquisite!

No excepction, both in the Hotel area and the La Isla Mall, you may be doubtfully considering the choices you have... many tastefull options! Follow the Mall's website:

Chils – Mexican Food - Small Gallery sided with Coco Bondo

Italianni´s – Italian Food - located at La Isla

Johnny Rockets – Fast food – The 60's Theme Burger Joint with Jukebox - Cool! The Milk Shake is awesome!

Outback Steakhouse – Australian Restaurant famous by its ribs! No comments needed.
A light choice to keep on the diet!

Limoncello Trattoria – Italian Restarant! Amazing! It's pricy but whorthy it! 

Bubba Gump – Known by its shrimps! Super fun! 

These are only a few options, there are a lot of options, really! 


Besides the delicious beach also has other tour options, such as the AquaWorld offers -

Inside the hotel itself has a kiosk galley. They are very solicitous. I did the subamarine ride, however, I do not recommend it. I got seasick, felt really unconfortable and felt really, really claustrophobic.


However, the link offers many excellent sightseeing options for those who have time, it's a good program because they are memorable rides.
There are also:

Chichen Itza Itza - a fantastic archaeological Mayan site that receives tourists all year round who are seeking for history and ancient civilizations. Make sure this tour is well included in your programming.

X-CARET  - known Cancun Park with a mega structure. If offers swimming pools with fish, aquariums, as well as dolphin pools. 

However, it is important to arrive early, because the activities ends early. If I'm not mistaken, at 1 p.m. many activities are alread wrapped up. The purchase of the ticket may include the restaurant all inclusive or others that the park offers. We bought ticket to get in the park and it was cheaper than anywhere else and believe me, EVERYBODY offer this not stress..because the harassment to offer the tours are kinda anoying.

Xplor - This park is opposite the X-caret and for those who like more excitement, I recommend! It has zip lines, amphibious car, among others.

More information:

You also must visit ans shop at mall Kukulcan Plaza (closer to downtown but emptier of people and stores) and La Isla Shopping (everyone's favorite).

La Isla Mall (The favorite) 

If you payi a dab of $ 1 takes a local bus that leaves you at the door, but you must be careful: when someone get down the bus offering you to go up, it's not the One-dollar-bus it is a Touristic Bus which charges you 19 dollars ....

Certainly, options of what to do in Cancun or Riviera Maya abound (diving, zip lines, paddle, Jet-skiing, Parks), but if you want to do nothing but bathing and chilling in a PERFECT beach, enjoying a massage, having drinks and delicious food in the hotel ... it's Worth it! Well, good trip to everyone!!! Arribaaaa Mexico!!!

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