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Beautiful and charming houses when leaving city of Flam, Norway

In order to know the fjords in Norway, leaving from Oslo. This is an alternative to whom is willing to have a different tour. It´s also possible to visit the Fjords leaving from the city of Bergen. However, the first choice is highly recommended. Me and my family loved it! It'a all day long tour, but you get to go through amazing places, it's a full day of beautiful landscapes. 

View from the train heading to Myrdal 

The name of this tour is Norway in a Nutshell. We booked the tour and prepaid it in their website. Nevertheless, with the confirmation in hands you must go to the train station in advance to issue your tickets. Once you have bought your tickets, go to Oslo Central Station to issue your tickets. 

You will board a modern train that will carry you all the way to Myrdal in a 5 hour trip.

Train that took us from Oslo to Myrdal 

Arriving in Myrdal, we took a super charming historical train which takes us to Flam approximately an hour and a half during these cities, as the train went down to admire a beautiful landscape and a little show (a women dancing appearing in the mountains).
Myrdal Station from where the historical  train departs for the rest of the  tour. 

Flam Station
In Flam we took the ferry that makes the gorgeous trip through the fjords and takes us to Gudvangen. 

It is fantastic! The bit hint is to take a sweater. I went in the summer and had only a cardigan at hand which did not solve it, and let me freezing because if you want to stay outside admiring the scenery it's chilly . If possible, bring a thermal shirt.

This is our little Ferry with the flag on top of it, not the huge ship up there. Lol.

Charming village

After this journey, arriving to Gudvangen, there will already be several buses waiting for us which will also make a mini tour in town and later on will takes us to the train station of Voss, where we will take the final train to Bergen. 

Inside the bus that took us in Gudvangen 

Voss Station

Berger Station

Summarizing, it seems weariful, but trust me, it's a delicious tour! Totally worth it!!!

Check out this link for booking:

Check also the video available about  "Norway in a nutshell":

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