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sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2016

Maceió City


Vista de Maceió tirada da cobertura do Hotel Mercure (Pajuçara)

MACEIÓ  – ALAGOAS is one of the beach destinations in Brazil that has been most requested by tourists in the last years, the delightful beaches, sea with a typical warm temperature of Brazil’s northeastern beaches, attractive prices of food and lots of easy programming around. I will point some local tours that I really enjoyeded at this great city and its surroundings.


When in Maceió, there is a very good beach called Ponta Verde Beach, it’s clean and with parts of its coast are very nice. At night, this place is also very trendy, with Lopana Restaurant, which has live music and is very popular among young people.
Praia do Ponta Verde

Pajuçara beach – I do not like to bathe there, but this is the place that you need to go to start the tour of the natural pools.

The last time I went (Jan 2016) the price was R$ 35.00 (thirty five reais) per person. The raft has capacity for 6 people. People are very honest and indicate the best time to do the tour, which is changed according to the tide.

Take Money with you, in the shallow pools is served popsicles, seafood  for you and also bread to throw to the fishes. The tour lasts about 1 hour and it is delicious!

French beach – it is 33 km far from Maceio and I consider the best beach of the area. Sea with pleasant temperatures, very clean which pleases multiple tastes (wavy ocean for the practice of surfing or calm ocean). 

I love to enjoy the beach in a place called ‘ Bar Barlavento’. This part of the beach has calm water, because it is close to the coral reefs. But it is also very suitable for those who like to surf, because the surfing area is close but not as rough. So, do not worry, it is a place to please the whole family!
French Beach close to Barlavento Bar

Gunga beach - is also located 33 km from Maceio to the South, whe ocean water is calm as well. Arriving at Gunga Beach is Gunga's observatory, with lovely views of the coconut grove (100,000 trees).
View from the observatory

Carneiro's Beach - PE (surroundings)

I went to Maceió by Recife (as in high season, it was the option more affordable and, meanwhile I enjoyed getting to know the city). On the way back to Recife, I stopped at Carneiros beach for a visit, specifically, in the area of restaurant Bora Bora. Going in with car, it will charged a fee of R$ 30, rhirty reais) to leave the car parked all day.

There is na excellent local structure, the restaurant has good food and serve it all very fast. There are many hammocks available for those who like to take a nap after lunch. 
Hammocks available for customers

Entrey of french fries and filet
The beach is just phenomenal. It’s also possible to book a tour to its natural pools, however, as the place is a little remote, it will always be a bit more expensive. It has been offered the ride for the price of R$ 100 per couple, but the fact is tht I was already at the end of my trip, and I had done the tour on Pajuçara beach and the money was already in the end do I didn’t do the tour in the pools.
Entrance of the restaurant

Porto de Galinhas - PE - close to Maceió - I passed by only for acquaintace and to have lunh. Beautiful place but I enjoy more peaceful beaches, particularly I recommend French Beach in Maceio and Carneiro's Beach (State of Pernambuco - close to Maceió)


In Maceio will not lack good restaurant options. Here are some of them:

Parmegiano Restaurant – good food and also cheap. The servings are plentyful and there are many of these restaurants in the city.

Bali Ice Cream Shop - delicious ice creams, a mandatory stop for ice cream lovers.

Império do Camarão (Shrimp Empire) - place for those who love seafood. It also features red meat and other varieties.

Santo Burguer (Holy Burger) - cool place, good price and delicious burger. Instagram: @santoburger

Bacon and fries

Burger and homemade Mayo
Picuí Restaurant - serves delicious typical food. A little away from the tourist sites, but very worthy going to this restaurant. Delicious!

Maria Antoniet Restaurant - highly rated Italian restaurant, suitable for couples who want a meal in a very charming location.

Divina Gula - restaurant with a varied and trendy menu, recommended for youngs or the whole family. It has free shuttle from Tuesday to Saturday starting at 6 p.m. -

Acai Concept - Alagoas food chain as acai provider - recommended by the youth. It has various points of the city. Instagram:  @acaiconcept

IMPORTANTE TIPIn Maceio, RUN AWAY from the steakhouses (churrascarias). They are not good in this city. I've been to several ... I do not recommend ... especially whet they serve: barbecue, seafood and pasta in the same place, I should have been more suspicious, but my hunger clouded my judgement... lol .... I've tried some, but bottom line, Maceió coastal place is better to look for seafood.


Staying in the region of Pajuçara Beach, Ponta Verde - is mostly recommended, and Pajuçara Beach is the most popular place for tourists. It's quite busy all around, with many restaurants, handicraft fair. Ponta Verde is also a demanded place due to its good beach areas in Maceio. Jatiuca is a little further if you are on foot. But if your are going to Maceio during high season, you can not drive around the waterfront, it is well packed and the traffic is heavy on weekends.

Some suggested hotels:
Mercure - Pajuçara
Radisson - Pajuçara
Praia Bonita – Jatiúca
Holiday Inn Express Maceió – Ponta Verde
Ritz Lagoa da Anta (mais afastado)


* Pavilhão do Artesanato - place with typical products such as laces, home decoration, nuts. Located at Pajuçara

* Pontal da Barra - located my Mundaú Lagoon it has many stores by the lacemakers street.

* Feira de Bordados (embroidery fair) – also located at Pajuçara Square.

I hope you may enjoy a holiday or vacation in Maceió, I am sure you are going to love it! Everyone who talks to me about this town, gives the testimony that they sure want to go back. Summarizing... have a nice vacation!

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